One of the best locations I’ve seen around. A conducive learning environment made possible by a state of the art design and build center mindset. Keep up the great work on your award-winning customer service. Flexible and refreshingly thorough. Bravo!

Parent - Chris

The Magic – There is a moment, when time stops for both child and instructor because the child has truly met a new idea. As an educator, those moments make every hour of pain-staking preparation and every long day of practicing concepts worth it. When that child truly grasps a new idea they are changed forever and for the better. Xcel has been a wonderful place where I have experienced that moment over and over again. I look forward to continuing to share that with students and their families.

By Instructor

The teachers at Xcel are wonderful. I like the individualized attention and transparency into what the kids are working on in class. The teachers take the time to debrief me on their progress after each class. I also like that there are workbooks available for my kids to work on during the week, something to supplement their school learnings. Overall I have been very pleased with the experience at Xcel and would highly recommend it to other parents.

Parent: Alice Chin
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